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How does Dohre produce high-quality milling cutters?

Dohre is a tungsten carbide tool production factory, founded by Mr. E in Dongguan, China in 2002,after 19 years of technology precipitation and development, it has several series of products with stable quality.

We use Walter and Anka 5-axis machine tools to produce milling cutters. The precision tolerance of the milling cutters is controlled at about 5um. During the production process, the milling cutters will undergo the first sample inspection, random inspection, full inspection, inspection before coating, and inspection before shipment. , It will be finally shipped to customers after 5 inspections, which greatly reduces the quality risk.

After more than 20 years, DOHRE have had more than our share of breakthroughs,while we are comfortable in the role of setting industry standards ,we are most proud of the innovative approach we take to continously remain the force behind your greater productivity.

Our team of excellent experienced R&D engineers is very effective in researching and solving CNC tool for difficult-to-process materials in the industry .


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Different Hole-Making Tools and Their Applications

Material is removed away in the form of little chips by feeding the cutting tool into the workpiece to generate the desired feature. Broaches, countersinks, reamers, and drilling tools are all examples of hole making tools. Let's look at five of the most prevalent sorts of hole making tools and how they're applied.

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Some Types Of Hole Making Products and Their Applications

Drill bits and drilling are majorly related to hole-making products. They provide fast and economical means of producing a machined hole. The working principle of drill bits is by entering the material axially. It then cut a blind hole with a diameter that is equal to the diameter of the tool.

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