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Problems Reason Countermeasures

1.With the same edge of collapse small impact on larger, more superficial
2.Comparative load(to cut deep into x).he cutter is too long
3.Workpiece or tool to install unstable
4.Naked eye can hardly see the ground when the crack

Lower feed , but also improve the speed will be better.Comparative load(to cut deep into x).he cutter is too longCountermeasures:1. Increase the diameter of the cutter ( by hanging under the stretch)Workpiece or tool to install unstable.Countermeasures:1.Is hanging tool to install the smallest stretch2.Workpiece and the machine to install high-accuracy rigid as far as possible.Naked eye can hardly see the ground when the crackCountermeasures:With sharp resin binders diamond grinding wheel with not too high speed ( 1500m / min below ) Wet grinding, with more than10 times the microscope of scrutiny.Has not carbide cutter-side experience, have a primary error.Countermeasures:1.Downtime in the difficult conditions, to stop feeding, and then stop rotating ( or lack of power tools As a result of load trip , should stop feeding ).2.Forget to check tightening screws and pressed Lease block.3.Cutting edge wears too serious before replacement.4.Special attention to fast-forward, can not go wrong.5.Please note that folder machine tool rotary direction is correct.6.Do not single-handedly arrested several at the same time, with the knife blade between the collision can not be prudent not to fall at the end of the loading and unloading.

Workpiece cut, cut out, feel all of a sudden change in direction, and so on, caused by the impact of changes in the load.

1.Lower feed ( to local)2.To reduce the installation time suspended the amount of stretch.3.Necessary, to reduce the maximum length Duanren.4 . Bushing on. The holding chuck of the inspection.Reason 02. Cutting load is too largeThe Countermeasures:1.To prevent the occurrence of excessive wear, the tool change in a timely manner.2.To the cost of each and every blade into the volume.3 . To enter the same amount, to increase speed.4 . Reduce the depth of cut.5.To raise or reduce speed to avoid a number of cutting-edge plug and eating crumbs.6.Without cutting edge chamfering, comer of the neck to avoid cutting tools to reduce stress concentration.7.To reduce the installation of hanging stretch, to avoid a bad set of the gripping chuck.8.Increase the cutting fluid cluster of compressed air to enhance the ability of chip.9.Milling into the inverse cis-milling.

1. Radial cutting volume settings, took place to eat edge.
2. Cutter-side tilt the vertical surface difference. Let occurred knife.

1. Allowance reduced.2. Speed to raise.3. Reduce feed.4. Blade increase in the number.5. Tool to improve the installation of rigid ( reducing stretch suspended, firmly champing).6. Edge in sharp decline overtime prior to the Attached.7. Was for the actual processing side of the inclined to choose the appropriate amount of the cone back, on the peripheral edge tool for grinding.

1. Improper installation tool
2. Workpiece methods or tools to install anti-seismic measures are not taken into the full proper installation tool

1.Suspended the installation of a minimum amount of stretching<br>2.Spring check whether Bush or Chuck aging wear, precision is not good, bad clip, Whether there is a glitch.The replacement of normal goods.Reason 02:Workpiece methods or tools toinstall anti-seismic measures are not taken into fulllmproper installation toolCountermeasures:1.Enhance the work of the installation of rigid ( the use of top oil, block, gaskets and so on. So that the workpiece or cutting under non-slip)2.Sliding table to adjust the gap ( to confirm whether the good side fixed block.3.Check up and down the main shaft, the drive platform in the fixed-cutting in the reliability4.Survey of the machine tools used to avoid gear, shaft vibration system to produce the type of speed, appropriate adjustments to speed.


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