In the 3C industry, the most used materials are aluminum and plastics. Now stainless steel, ceramics, and glass are added.

The competition of cutter in the 3C industry is very high, not only requiring fast delivery, but also requiring extremely high tool life, so this has high requirements for many tool suppliers.

The main tools used include standard milling cutters, T cutters, forming cutters, drills, exterior cutters, PCD cutters, and CBN cutters. Our products can replace certain Japanese and Korean brands, and have a very high cost performance.

DOHRE has cooperated with oppo's largest parts supplier in 2016. Basically 40% of mobile phones are processed with our tools every year.

In 2017, Apple Watch designed a ceramic back cover. We developed industry-leading ultrasonic milling system and CBN cutter for Apple's main suppliers in China, which solved their core difficulties and greatly improved efficiency. Made a great contribution to this project.

We have opereated an office and a factory in Vietnam in 2019, mainly serving customers in the 3C industry, especially suppliers of Samsung mobile phones.


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