TEX Corner Radius End Mill
TEX Corner Radius End Mill
TEX Corner Radius End Mill
TEX Corner Radius End Mill
TEX Corner Radius End Mill
TEX Corner Radius End Mill
TEX Corner Radius End Mill

TEX Corner Radius End Mill

stainless steel,under hrc55.
For semi-finishing&roughing(±5 μm).

workpiece material

  • stainless steel
  • high temperature titanium alloy

application type

  • Semi-Finishing
  • medium
  • Roughing

flute type

  • corner radius



Product Description

Rounded-Edge Square(corner radius)end mill:For rough milling to remove a large number of blank, but also finishing milling flat surface (relative to steep surface) small chamfer


specificationFlute diaRFlute LShank diaOverall L
D1.0XR0.2X3XD4X501.0 0.23450
D1.5XR0.2X4XD4X501.5 0.24450
D1.5XR0.5X4XD4X501.5 0.54450
D2.0XR0.2X6XD3X502.0 0.26450
D2.0XR0.2X6XD4X502.0 0.26450
D2.0XR0.3X6XD4X502.0 0.36450
D2.0XR0.5X6XD4X502.0 0.56450
D2.5XR0.2X7XD4X502.5 0.27450
D2.5XR0.5X7XD4X502.5 0.57450
D3.0XR0.2X8XD4X503.0 0.28450
D3.0XR0.3X8XD4X503.0 0.38450
D3.0XR0.5X8XD3X503.0 0.58350
D3.0XR0.5X8XD4X503.0 0.58450
D3.0XR1.0X8XD3X503.0 18350
D3.0XR1.0X8XD4X504.0 18450
D4.0XR0.2X11XD4X504.0 0.211450
D4.0XR0.3X11XD4X504.0 0.311450
D4.0XR0.5X11XD4X504.0 0.511450
D4.0XR1.0X11XD4X504.0 111450
D5.0XR0.5X13XD5X505.0 0.513550
D5.0XR0.5X13XD6X505.0 0.513650
D5.0XR1.0X13XD5X505.0 113550
D5.0XR1.0X13XD6X505.0 113650
D6.0XR0.2X15XD6X506.0 0.215650
D6.0XR0.5X15XD6X506.0 0.515650
D6.0XR1.0X15XD6X506.0 115650
D6.0XR1.5X15XD6X506.0 1.515650
D6.0XR2.0X15XD6X506.0 215650
D8.0XR0.5X20XD8X608.0 0.520860
D8.0XR1.0X20XD8X608.0 1.520860
D8.0XR1.5X20XD8X608.0 1.520860
D8.0XR2.0X20XD8X608.0 220860
D10.0XR0.5X25XD10X7510.0 0.5251075
D10.0XR1.0X25XD10X7510.0 1251075
D10.0XR1.5X25XD10X7510.0 1.5251075
D10.0XR2.0X25XD10X7510.0 2251075
D10.0XR2.5X25XD10X7510.0 2.5251075
D10.0XR3.0X25XD10X7510.0 3251075
D12.0XR0.5X30XD12X7512.0 0.5301275
D12.0XR1.0X30XD12X7512.0 1301275
D12.0XR1.5X30XD12X7512.0 1.5301275
D12.0XR2.0X30XD12X7512.0 2301275
D12.0XR2.5X30XD12X7512.0 2.5301275
D12.0XR3.0X30XD12X7512.0 3301275

Detailed Images


a.Specified in stainless steel,under hrc55
b.Increased productivity with high feed rates and large depths cut Feed rates up to 2,500mm/min Strong end tooth design ideal for plunge and pocket milling ideal using on Stainless steel & Tool steel.
c.Unique design of angle to make it more wear-resisting & sharp,cutting process is more easy and quick ,makea life longer



IMG_7988 拷贝

1.Double core diameter design ideal.:strong strength for plunge and pocket milling ideal using on stainless steel

a.The small core diameter of the front end can ensure the chip removal smooth ,take away the heat of cutting production, and prevent the production of built-up edge

b.The big core diameter at the back end ehance the rigidity of cutting tools and improve the surface quality of products



2.a≠b Unequal design:prevents vibration and reduces cutting force at slotting. This has led to the high speed and high feed machining

IMG_7987 拷贝

3.Variable helix to prevent vibration

Special variable pitch profile reduces cutting force and stress on machine spindle


AP Coating:Adopt Balzers AD coated with advanced device and technical ,has high temperature oxidation resistance.Even under dry or high-speed condition, can have perfect process performance.


1.passivation technology before coating ,Fine Edge Treatment,its not easy to produce the built-up edge

Before passivation treament(133 times)
3after passivtion treament with brush(133 times)
45After  brush passivation treament + sandblasting polishing (133 times)

2.Four times of cutting tool detection to ensure the quality

1) The first piece, the tail piece and the sampling inspection in the production process with Helicheck PlusWalter equipment to full inspection the Circumferential Rake, circumferential edge back Angle, end tooth front Angle, end tooth back Angle, R Angle value and profile, the profile of the forming knife
(2) after production , full inspection by two dimensions measuring instrument or Microscopic,flute number,outer diameter,flute length ,core diameter,helical angle,width of relief angle,End Tooth Eccentricity and end tooth throught a center,Disc angle of end tooth,Outside run-out and Whether there are notches, jagged
(3) before coating Spot check by two dimensions measuring instrument
(4)After coating full inspection by two dimensions measuring instrument 

3.excellent R&D teams and professional technology support teams


IMG_6245 拷贝
1.piece in a plastic pipe ,10pieces per group and air bubble paper in a carton to reduce the shock.
未标题-12.Other package requests designed by customer will be accepted.

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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
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Q: Do you make OEM ?
A: Yes, we do. OEM is accepted with your brand lase in the products by our laser machine and label of the OEM brand would be stuck on the box before goods shipped out.
Q: What the machine do you adopt to produce the products ?A: We use the walter which imported from Germany.


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