Maintenance Tips For Hole Making Machine

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Hole-making machines are specially operated machines that are used for making holes in the stock or workpiece. The process of hole-making is the removal of a particular part in the materials using a machine to cut out the part required using a cutting tool on the work piece.

The hole-making machine can be performed on different types of machines such as;

· Milling machine

· Drilling machine

· Pressing machine

The workpiece is the materials usually attached to the machine because it had been pre-shaped, the collection consists of the cutting tool which is cylindrical with sharp teeth attached to a platform in the machine, the tools are rotated at high speed.

When the rotating tool is feed into the workpiece the materials fixed in the machine will be cut out with the desired shape accurately, small chips were discarded while shaping out the materials.

Hole-making machines

For you to maintain your hole-making machine, use the guidelines listed below;

1. Firstly, after use, ensure that you first power off the machine and shut it down completely, then you can clean up the small chips generated as waste between the worktable and rotating tools and lubricate with butter immediately.


2. Secondly, ensure that the racks containing the iron rod and the guide rod are cleaned and add lubricating oil to the iron rod after cleaning.


3. Ensure you replace the gear oil in the vehicle gearbox, actually gear oils of mostly new machines are replaced after half a month of consistent usage, and it could be replaced after the usage for every three months. Note that the gearbox uses standard gear lubricant oil which is written in the manual of the machine.


4. The punches and the rotating tools should be periodical because if it wasn't replaced for a long time it could lead to wear, and unfavorable punches may occur.


5. If the rotating tools are replaced as at when due, the shape of the holes might be bad or not smooth and also may lead to the shortened services of the punches.


6. Sharpen important component of the hole-making machine to achieve the aim of the desired shape because the machine is designed with tools that require slicing or chopping, cutting, and sharpening, so sharpness is required.


7. Check out the alignment of the machine, if you want to create a design of great quality you need to focus on the alignment if not so, it could affect your working quality negatively.

Therefore, for you to be sure that the machine tool is properly aligned you can just quickly run two test jobs and equate the results to know if the components are working perfectly.


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