Some Types Of Hole Making Products and Their Applications

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There are different kinds of hole-making products. It ranges from drilling and reamers to countersinks and broaches. In this article, we will focus on seven major types of holes making products and their applications.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to source your hole-making products from a respected manufacturer. With this, you are sure to avoid the hassle of using an inferior product for your work.


1. Drill Bits And Drilling

Drill bits and drilling are majorly related to hole-making products. They provide fast and economical means of producing a machined hole. The working principle of drill bits is by entering the material axially. It then cut a blind hole with a diameter that is equal to the diameter of the tool.

Common types are:

· Spot drill bit

· Center drill bit

· Auger drill bit

· Twist drill bit

· Masonry drill bit

· Tap drill bit


2. The Broaches

A broach is a hole-making tool that has a multi-tooth hole that cuts deeper parts easily. The tool has excellent accuracy as well as surface finishing. It is used in many industries for diverse applications.

Common types are:

· Shell broaches

· Pull and push broaches

· Surface/external broaches

· Keyway broaches

· Internal broaches


3. Counterbores

A counterbore is a tool that is suitable for tasks that need a fastener to sit flush with the surface of the workpiece. The application of this product comes after drilling. Counterbores have two different cutting diameters. The smaller diameter is for the hole while the wider diameter is for the lowered head cavity.

Common types are:

· Blade counterbores

· Cap screw counterbores

· Aircraft counterbores

· Back counterbores 

 hole-making products

4. Reamers

The reamers have an excellent high level of accuracy that makes them an ideal tool for enlarging an existing hole slightly. The working principle of the reamers is by removing a small amount of the solid from the workpiece. It is done after drilling to obtain the smoothest possible internal surface.

Common types are:

· Automotive reamers

· Die maker reamers

· Morse taper reamers

· Taper pin reamers

· Welding equipment reamers

5. Chamfering and Countersinks

Chamfering and countersinks are fantastic hole-making products for making a conical hole in objects. The working principle of the countersink is by axially entering a workpiece and enlarging the existing hole to create a cone-shaped opening at the top part of the workpiece.

Common types are:

· 120˚

· 118˚

· 100 ˚

· 90 ˚

· 82 ˚

· 60 ˚


6. Hole Cutters

The hole cutters are used to cut round holes perfectly in wood, metals, and other workpieces. It can cut a very large diameter by cutting the perimeter of the hole. They are common alternatives to other hole-making products.


7. Center Drills

Center drills consist of the pilot drill and the countersink. Center drills are mostly used to create a center hole on a workpiece. The center hole is to aid smooth turning of the between the support for the load and the center while it turns.


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